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Alter G Treadmill Changes the Way Endurance Athletes Train
Alter G Treadmill Changes the Way Endurance Athletes Train


Now Available at Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in The Woodlands

Gone are the days of losing your momentum while training for an event, possibly the athletic competition of a lifetime, because of an injury.  Now endurance athletes have the option to keep their training on schedule with the use of the Alter G Zero Gravity Treadmill.

The Alter G treadmill is the latest and most advanced training option for athletes recovering from a lower extremity injury or looking to reduce stress on their joints caused by extensive training.  With this treadmill, you’re able to reduce gravity’s impact by selecting any weight between 20% and 100% of your body weight. This allows you to remove weight while recovering from an injury and gradually re-add the weight back to 100%.

This equipment is installed at the Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine office in The Woodlands where many athletes have already been using it with great results.  Richard Plant, seen in this photo with his physical therapist Kelley Bartek, is an Ironman finisher at Cozumel and will be competing in Ironman Texas this month. He has been a long time patient of Dr. Keith Johnson of SROSM.

Richard experienced bilateral calf strains that were making it difficult for him to train. Dr. Johnson sent him to physical therapy where they started a regimen of myofascial release using Graston treatment along with training on the Alter G. Richard told Dr. Johnson, “I used the Alter G treadmill and it was fantastic! It allowed me to regain confidence in my running by training without pain. After treatment I was able to return to running regularly without pain. It will be hugely beneficial to triathletes and runners to give them confidence after an injury. I am very glad SROSM got one!”

As a tri-athlete and Ironman finisher, Dr. Johnson understands the frustration that athletes encounter when they’ve trained for months and then experience a setback due to an injury. “This powerful tool allows a runner or multisport athlete with an overuse lower extremity injury to maintain training and maximizing aerobic capacity while preventing further injury,” explains Dr. Johnson. “In fact, it makes it easier to heal by off-loading the stress to the lower extremities. It’s similar to spinning on a bicycle at a very low resistance to allow mechanical training while limiting stress load on the muscles. We are proud to offer this advanced form of treatment to our recreation, competitive, and professional athletes.”

If you are experiencing lower extremity pain caused by a sports injury, schedule an appointment with our physical therapy department. Same-day assessments are often available. Don’t let an injury wait! Get on the road to recovery as fast as possible.  We’re here to get you back on track!