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Flowers Total Knee Replacement

Brian flowers

Dr. N. Brian Flowers, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in joint replacement at Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, recently earned the title of Certified MakoTM Surgeon. He is now the only surgeon in North Houston and one of only two in the entire Houston area certified in the MakoTM Total Knee Replacement procedure with the Triathlon Knee System. 

The Mako Total Knee Replacement procedure is a robotic-assisted surgery that typically results in patients experiencing more stability in the leg that had the knee replaced. That stability results in a more normal gait when walking after the surgery. The advantages offered by the Mako Total Knee procedure include:

  1. The technology allows for better planning before surgery even begins. 3-D surgery planning is done in the software using CT scans so that each patient’s plan is ready before surgery begins.
  2. During surgery Dr. Flowers can make fine adjustments to the knee and the replacement joint to be sure it’s lined up correctly when the knee is flexed and when it’s extended.
  3. The process for preparing the bone for the new implant is also unique using the Mako Total Knee procedure and is shown to protect nearby anatomy from being affected as the leg bones are prepared.

SROSM has been using the Mako Partial Knee Replacement technology for several years. Adding the Full Knee Replacement procedure was the logical progression after seeing the great results of Dr. Flowers’ patients following Mako Partial Knee replacement and Mako Hip Replacements.

If you are experiencing knee pain and would like to be evaluated to see if a partial or a full knee replacement may be needed please contact our office to request an appointment at the location most convenient for you.

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