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The Woodlands, TX - The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning to patients who have contracted funal meningitis after receiving an epidural injection of cortisone. The cause of the fungal contamination was from a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts that supplies steroids used for the epidural injections.

Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and its affiliated surgical centers did not receive any portion of this batch of contaminated steriod injections.

SROSM does not use compounding pharmacies for the medicines administered to patients. All medicines available through the practice are prepared by federally regulated pharmaceutical companies.

Epidural steriod injections continue to be a viable option to control pain for some patients. SROSM physicians will take the time to explain treatment options to each of their patients and discuss any concerns to determine the best plan for each person. If you are experiencing join or other pain, please contact our office for a consultation.