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Sterling Ridge Orthopaedic's own Dr. Paul C. Chin, a board certified orthopedic surgeon in Northwest Houston, is the first doctor in Texas to perform a new breakthrough procedure available for shoulder replacement surgery.  This novel system for treating shoulder arthritis is manufactured by Catalyst Orthoscience, headquartered in Naples, Florida.  Dr. Chin, who is a fellowship trained shoulder specialist, says “the surgery went amazingly well and I’m glad to be able to offer this new procedure to my patients.”  Dr. Chin says that patients who suffer from arthritis of the shoulder are candidates for this new procedure.

Patient Barbara Russell lives on a farm and raises show heifers.  Prior to surgery she was unable to raise her arm without severe pain from her shoulder.   At her annual follow up, she stated “After the surgery, I was immediately pain free without having to use narcotics for pain.”  She did so well she was discharged from physical therapy after four weeks.  Barbara says “Since surgery, I can throw 50 pound bags of feed over my shoulder and I’m back to hauling 500 pound heifers around while halter-breaking them and rarely have discomfort in my shoulder!”

Catalyst Xray

The breakthrough procedure is a new method for performing a shoulder replacement surgery, using an implant that is approximately one third the size of a standard shoulder replacement and requires significantly less bone removal to perform. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the implant design replicates the shape of the shoulder bone more accurately and enables the surgeon to place the implants more precisely to replicate normal shoulder motion after surgery. The goal of these improvements is to help patients recover quickly by restoring the function and movement they had prior to their arthritis. With this relatively minimally invasive surgery, the company’s internal data demonstrates a reduction in the typical hospital stay to less than half the national average and most patients are stopping opioid medication at an average of 3-4 days after surgery.

Catalyst OrthoScience is a Florida based life-science technology company founded in 2014 by orthopedic surgeon Steven Goldberg, MD. The Catalyst CSR shoulder was cleared by the FDA in 2016 and several hundred surgeries have been performed using the new device.