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Do you participate in an overhead sport? Do you have shoulder, elbow, and/or forearm pain during or after throwing? Would you like to increase arm strength and velocity? How about improving throwing accuracy and endurance? Would you like to prevent injuries and/or recover from injuries sustained during the season?

SROSM is here to help! Our team of experienced physical therapists can create a specific rehabilitation and strengthening program that is unique to each athlete.

Why is it important for overhead athletes to participate in a rehabilitation and training program?

  • Athletes tend to weaken from repetitive overhead throwing and pitching motions as a season progresses.
  • Did you know that the forces on your shoulder, elbow, and forearm are increased tremendously if there is weakness in your scapula, core, hips, and/or legs?
  • Rehab and training programs are imperative to work on the stabilizers of the hip and shoulder to maintain proper form and technique, as well as reduce injuries.
  • Therapy and training techniques include working on:
    • Strengthening scapular stabilizers and decelerators
    • Improving overhead endurance
    • Core and Hip stability
    • Increasing flexibility and mobility
    • Incorporating full body dynamic work rather than focusing solely on the shoulder or the elbow
    • Developing body awareness and proper stabilization
    • Athlete education regarding overuse and the importance that rest plays in staying healthy and achieving maximum potential

Our goal at SROSM is to help every athlete achieve maximum performance through assistance with injury recovery and prevention.