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    Comments: My experience on the Alter G was today. First 30-min session at the Spring Clinic. Kerry Henson introduced me to this special treadmill. I will be honest: It is an absolutely amazing machine! As a professional athlete (for 15 years in sports of highest achievements) I can, and definitely will, improve my technic and running potential preventing injures with the Alter G. As a coach I highly recommend athletes to include in their running programs sessions on Anti-Gravity Treadmill. First of all, this is the easiest way to feel your race speed and train your body (not only muscles but also brains) how to run with your goal pace. On every pace we use different technic, and it is impossible to run fast if you have never tried this speed, your legs simply don't know how. Track workouts sometimes result in injury, sometimes just too late and too close to the race. Alter G is a great alternative! I'm not saying to use this machine instead of normal track workouts, but to include this type of training to your program could be very helpful. For recovery after injuries, the Alter G is the best. But if you use it for training, you'll definitely become stronger and healthier!