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    Comments: Jill Porter (a.k.a. BAB – Big Awesome Bench) is a 7 sport National level athlete. She is currently an 8 time World Champion powerlifter who holds 11 World bench press records and 50+ Texas State records in bench press and deadlift. Jill has two titanium hip replacements and is currently receiving rehab with the fantastic Kelley Bartek and her crew at Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics after recently receiving a knee replacement…3 Titanium BAB!!!

    Here's what she said:

    "Wow! Today made me feel like a million dollars after almost 6 months of being so darned uncertain of what lies ahead, hurting badly, being emotionally and physically drained and exhausted. Am ready to reach the next level and will be trying really hard to get to 100 degree bend..."

    Recovering from recent knee replacement surgery has been the biggest challenge Jill has faced emotionally and physically. Having known Kelley almost 18 years made the decision for the necessary place to receive therapy a no brainer.

    The picture shows her preparation to use the state-of-the-art treadmill called the AlterG or Anti Gravity Treadmill.

    After getting properly zipped into place, Kelley set the machine to reduce Jill’s bodyweight by 25% to allow her to be able to walk normally at a slow, but steady pace. The WOW factor when you first try this equipment is unbelievable. It is one of the most amazing machines ever made. This specific machine can take up to 80% bodyweight off a person using it which allows it to also be used not only for various injuries and surgery rehab situations, but training for athletic competitions as well.

    BAB is slowly turning a corner mentally and beginning to get the “game face” back after almost 6 months of down time for this knee. She is preparing to compete at the WABDL World Championships in Las Vegas, in November of this year. Because this year will only be a test of the knee for bench press and deadlift, no World records or World titles are expected and won’t be targeted. However, you never know what this BAB can do once the adrenaline of finally getting back to competition at this level can do.