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    Very Good

    Comments: I had struggled with heel pain in both feet due to plantar fasciitis since April of 2016 then a heel stress fracture in my right foot in July. Three PT facilities (Corpus Christi) seemed to have exacerbated the injuries, pain level healing during that time. Fortunately for me, in visiting my daughter, who resides in The Woodlands, she encouraged me to seek therapy care at SROSM.

    The level of care and professionalism from my therapist, Kyle Suchma had a definite impact on the healing and recovery process. My pain level immediately decreased the first week of therapy. His skills, knowledge and expertise were EXTRAordinary. He was thorough, truly listened, then directed therapy specific to my personal injury. This is what a patient expects when seeking care, but unfortunately, like in my case, is not what is always ultimately received.

    Staff support was also helpful and professional at all times, which included the front desk and account billing.

    Although I do not currently reside in the Spring/The Woodlands area, my plan is to do so in the near future. I (and my daughter) would strongly recommend to anyone requiring physical therapy and the services offered by SROSM.