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    Comments: Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics was recommended to me by a friend. When I called SRO they recommended Dr. Flowers as he specializes in knee and hip joint replacements. My pain had reached the point that I was no longer able to do the two things I loved most, golfing and walking my dog. We tried the corticosteroid shot first, and that helped some but not enough for my liking for the rest of my life. Dr. Flowers informed me that hip replacement surgery was the only permanent fix. I was ready to go but did admittedly have some apprehension with what I thought the recovery time might be (weeks? months?). While discussing this with Dr. Flowers he said that it would be several weeks, but did say that he once had a patient play golf 10 days following surgery. I made the decision to go into the surgery with complete optimism and desire to do everything in my power by the book with regards to post surgery care and physical therapy to expedite my recovery. I must say, my recovery way exceeded my wildest expectations.

    I only needed a walker for the first two days, then used a cane for three days, and after that I was completely off my pain medication and walking without use of any aids. The next week I was feeling so well and remembered what Dr. Flowers had told me about the patient that golfed 10 days after surgery. I asked him again at my first week check-up after surgery, and decided I was going to take a shot at that record. I don't think this is a recommended SRO post-surgery activity (lol!) but we did talk about it and some things I should do to prevent re-injury (taking partial swings, not twisting the hip to the right, etc.). So I did indeed play 9 holes 9 days after my surgery, so I believe I hold the record now!

    I was completely satisfied with all of the services and support I received from SRO, from the receptionists, the nurses, the guy that fits you with orthopedic devices, the physical therapists, the pharmacy (they home deliver!), and of course Dr. Flowers. I would highly recommend SRO for any orthopedic issues.