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    Very Good

    Comments: Brittany (surgery scheduling for Reid) is by far an outstanding team member who is beyond deserving of praise and recognition from within her community of peers at work for her extraordinary ability to naturally connect and interact with patients and effortlessly leave a positive impact on their day even if it’s just through a phone call.

    Brittany has mastered the art of being professional yet compassionate while being able to genuinely empathize at all the perfect times through conversation which really makes the patient feel comfortable with what was expected to be such an anxious phone call. Brittany did a fantastic job at walking me through what steps to take before and after my procedure, she made it seem way less scary just by talking to me about it and she honestly gave me so much more strength with her cheerful attitude and energy. Brittany was very patient and knowledgeable with all the questions I had about the procedure and turned a day I was honestly terrified of to one I feel completely comfortable walking into… all thanks to your amazing soul on board your team!

    Having someone like Brittany who radiates this positive energy and knows how to properly talk to patients making them feel cared for and comfortable is so important (especially when most of them are silently walking through so much fear and pain alone). Its staff members that genuinely care about their patients (and we can tell) that help us feel the most comfortable and satisfied with our treatment, those are the ones that need to be kept around for a better future in health care.

    Dont take this lightly, I never write comments unless they are complaints… but today that changed. I’m here so compelled to give this girl a raving review because she deserves it. I hate business calls, I hate medical calls, I hate bank calls, I hate calls in general, honestly I’m extremely feisty and catch an attitude super quick and get really annoyed with people who call me outside of leisure… like half the time these innocent but kinda stupid call workers they get cussed out by me because I just ain’t having it.

    But I was actually flabbergasted when I had realized I had been on a lengthy phone call talking about medical stuff and it felt like I was just talking with a friend about medical stuff. She’s so good at talking with people it didn’t feel like I wanted to hang up like I usually do when I’m on the phone with people asking me questions. I wish everytime I called a support number it would be Brittany lmao yall please give her some recognition