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    I saw Dr. Mark Eilers in Odessa, TX, at his practice there. He was so easy to talk to and made sure I understood the procedure he was going to be doing. When he moved to Spring, TX, I followed up with him there. Love the staff and the doctors.

    ~ Barbara ~

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    I have a broken shoulder. For two months of rehab I had Megan Walton, PTA. I have had numerous PTA's and they have all been good, but I find Megan is extraordinary at her therapy duties.

    ~ Dinah ~

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    I am now a bona fide alumna of Dr. Chin's replacement group having three, the most replacements in one patient! I approached this last surgery (total shoulder replacement) with NO anxiety having complete trust in Dr. Chin's expertise surgical skills. I was immediately able to lie on my left side and...

    ~ Susie ~

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    As the head coach and owner of Team Green Running, with 47 years experience in coaching, I am keenly aware of the importance of medical care and physical therapy. In our search for an orthopedic & sports medicine partner it was our goal to obtain expert knowledge and technology in order to get our ...

    ~ Dan ~

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    Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics was recommended to me by a friend. When I called SRO they recommended Dr. Flowers as he specializes in knee and hip joint replacements. My pain had reached the point that I was no longer able to do the two things I loved most, golfing and walking my dog. We tried the cort...

    ~ Gary ~

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    Prior to surgery I was unable to raise my right arm above the level of my chest without severe pain from the shoulder to my elbow. The right arm throbbed constantly and my right hand had frequently tingling.

    My husband and I live on a farm and raise show heifers. I had always been abl...

    ~ Barbara ~

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    The definition of the verb “team” is to come together as a group to achieve a common goal. This is exactly what happens at PT, Spring location. Every therapist aides one another and consults with one another to achieve the best and quickest protocol. Not to mention, they greet you by name and ar...

    ~ Suzanne ~

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    In January, my daughter was complaining about a sore knee so I called Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics to see if I could get an appointment. I was thinking it would be several weeks until I could get in, but when I explained what was going on and that she had pain and swelling they informed me that they ...

    ~ Logan ~

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    Dr. Chin is an outstanding physician. He has taken care of my son and I several times for sprains, fracture, shrapnel, and blunt injuries.

    Recently I ran over some barbed wire with my lawnmower and ended up with a 1/2 inch piece of rusty steel embedded in my foot and Dr. Chin did a ...

    ~ Bret ~

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    I had struggled with heel pain in both feet due to plantar fasciitis since April of 2016 then a heel stress fracture in my right foot in July. Three PT facilities (Corpus Christi) seemed to have exacerbated the injuries, pain level healing during that time. Fortunately for me, in visiting my daughte...

    ~ Joye ~

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