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    I had suffered for over a decade with shoulder pain and limited range of motion. I visited doctors in three states searching for relief and followed through with session after session of recommended physical therapy. After all this, I was still suffering shoulder pain constantly and averaging less t...

    ~ Diane ~

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    I had originally gone to another surgeon in Tomball but never got called back for scheduling and boy am I thankful. My son said try Sterling Ridge and I got Dr. Chin to do my hip replacement surgery, anterior post, robotic. Amazing and truly gifted surgeon. Besides that he is concerned about the ind...

    ~ Sue ~

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    Dr. Flowers was great right from the beginning when I had the first of two knee replacements. Physical therapy was the next step and Kelly, and all the physical therapy staff made me feel so very special from the absolute beginning! I am so sorry for not naming all the names but I just didn't want t...

    ~ Betty ~

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    Dr. Paul Chin is an outstanding doctor as is his entire staff. I had been in two emergency rooms with knee and shoulder pain twice within one week with no positive results. I went to see Dr. Chin and he and his staff spent two hours in total with me. They did x-rays, exams and made a diagnosis for s...

    ~ Mary ~

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    I have just started down the path of treatment with Dr. Johnson. I am a big girl. No hiding that fact. Unlike the last ortho I went to, and allowed to cut me open, Dr. Johnson focused on my pain issue and did not harp on my weight. Even if i were a waif I would still be in pain. The fact that Dr. Jo...

    ~ Deborah ~

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    Dr. Johnson has operated on me twice – both times the results were perfect. When I fell recently, I waited a few weeks thinking my twisted knee would eventually get better. I called because I was still in pain and was confident Dr. Johnson would fix it!

    The following timeline proves...

    ~ Karen ~

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    From scheduling the appointment to checking out, the care here was exemplary. Dr. Chin was very thorough and his MA was so attentive and had a warming personality. Highly recommended!!!!

    ~ Melissa ~

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    Jill Porter (a.k.a. BAB – Big Awesome Bench) is a 7 sport National level athlete. She is currently an 8 time World Champion powerlifter who holds 11 World bench press records and 50+ Texas State records in bench press and deadlift. Jill has two titanium hip replacements and is currently receiving ...

    ~ Jill ~

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    Dr. Johnson and staff provided excellent care for my daughter who over extended her knee at cheer practice. Also, Steeve in the DME department spent time with her explaining how to properly use her crutches. Thanks once again to all the caring team at SROSM.

    ~ Kayla ~

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    My experience on the Alter G was today. First 30-min session at the Spring Clinic. Kerry Henson introduced me to this special treadmill. I will be honest: It is an absolutely amazing machine! As a professional athlete (for 15 years in sports of highest achievements) I can, and definitely will, impro...

    ~ Olesya ~

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