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Holden Lichtenberger

Holden Lichtenberger, PT, DPT

Holden Lichtenberger is a Licensed Physical Therapist with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree that he received from St. Augustine University in Austin, TX in 2019. Holden has a background in exercise science and biomechanics that he utilizes in patients of all ages. Holden has worked with a variety of musculoskeletal pathologies with treatment strategies that include specialized manual therapy, functional strength training and pain management strategies.

In his hometown of Pearsall, TX, Holden grew up playing football and baseball, and was always around the rodeo scene that has led to his growing expertise in these fields. He has worked with rodeo athletes from the greater Houston area and has experience in treating patients who enjoy riding horseback.

In his spare time Holden enjoys hunting, fishing, spending time with his dog, and woodworking.